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Unleash the full potential of the analog chain with the SSL console along with the best outboards ever.
Discover the secrets behind great productions, play with the most famous newspapers and record with the microphones that have made the history of music.
Live the experience of a mixing done on the bench with professionals who will follow every part of the song step by step and will always find the solution to get the right sound



Nothing escapes our engineers, attention to detail becomes more and more important, their skills and their ears are in symbiosis with the sophisticated monitoring system inside a mastering room designed to listen and work at the highest levels, with outboards, converters and software capable of obtaining optimal results in terms of dynamics and loudness by optimizing the master for each use: from Vynil cut to mastering for Spotify or the classic CD



If you have an idea, we develop it

If you don't have an idea, we make it up

A video clip as well as transmitting emotions must be designed to be consistent with the song, the target audience and the budget available

A team will provide you with all the information you need to start this extraordinary experience


Do you want to broadcast an event in HD on your social channels? We have set up a theater designed for streaming / podcast events

Equipped with excellent acoustics and lighting systems , it is spread over a plant of about 100 square meters with air exchange and air conditioning. The wiring with the control room allows maximum reliability and the possibility of recording even on tape

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